Automatically value a stock according to Phil Town’s investment methodology specified in his book Rule 1, using a python.

In his New York Times best-seller Rule #1, Phil Town outlines his investment philosophy that follows a number of rules.

The four M’s

  • Meaning: to you
  • Moat: the ability to maintain competitiveness, consider ROIC, EPS, book value and both sales and cash growth
  • Management: good management qualities, CEO must show drive and shareholder…

Trade and investment are frequently referenced in the bible; most notably so in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 11:1–6, but modern trade now consists of complex instruments, trading strategies, and debt leverage. …

Technical analysis was widely frowned upon in industry, but with a resurgence in mathematical assets, is there a new opportunity for it’s come back?

The famous Fibonacci sequence is defined simply as ‘each element is the sum of the two previous elements, beginning: 0, 1’. …

James Peter Webb

Analyst at CryptoCompare, MSc FinTech and Investment, BSc Chemistry: Follow my projects in quantitative analysis and Christian finance.

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